La Viuda Joven Capitulo 59

Ver La Viuda Joven Capitulo 59 Online telenovelas or novela capitulo 59 La Viuda joven capítulos por Venevisión TeleNovela Series La Viuda Joven cap 5 Ver La Viuda Joven Capítulo 59 Telenovela Administrator, broadcaster, host, executive producer, the environment, creator, consultant and producer of political campaigns, with respect and diplomatic, and a successful career in his country Venezuela, and the United States and Ecuador, where he had resided for the past year, Jaime Araque very happy and excited to return to their essence, their career with confidence, action.

I'm happy, blessed and grateful At this point in my life that I feel full and satisfied, almost magical to have the opportunity to reconnect with the performance. It is home again after a long journey, and I can only feel grateful and vice versa will provide the best of me. Es sorprendente ver como los genes se trasmiten y que él desee involucrarse de igual manera en el mundo de las artes. Comienza a estudiar cinematografía en la Universidad de Miami este año. Como padre me siento muy satisfecho, me enorgullece y le brindaré todo mi apoyo… Espero que mi hijo sea siempre mejor que yo en todo lo que haga.

He has been off the screen since 2001, and told me that since then until now, has made a long journey ... What activities are developed at this time? For me the performance is always belief, life to follow, and I owe everything I am today.
This is very useful in my early days as a player, beyond the barriers of this kind of success abroad, and experience the beautiful life that fills me with great satisfaction as a human. Circumstances of daily life, personal choice and life becomes a journey with many detours and not a straight road, I turned away from the action for many years and I contacted the executive producer and world ecology. From this experience is a wonderful movie campaign books ecology and environmental havens American photographs, made in Ecuador and Venezuela, like the books: "Galapagos Book", published in 2004, and Venezuela Book ", which has not been printed.

Martin has previously worked with Hahn ... What was it like to repeat the experience? An honor, after 10 years away from acting, returning from the pen of a writer like Martin Hahn, I feel I'm in good hands. This is a talent that I really admire and with whom I feel happy to work in 2001 on the soap "Angelica Sin", which made me many beautiful things and great personal satisfaction.

Do you have any special preparations for the character to be interpreted in "Young Widow"? Since taking the decision to return to TV, my preparation has been very disciplined in all aspects. I feel ready to tackle big challenges and I am sure will give me great satisfaction as a human and professional level. This is a reunion with my country and my art, with characters that I have a lot of hope, it is rich in experience and give you lots to talk about ... I will do my best to achieve public acceptance. In addition, a new generation who can not see my work, and who knows now I'm very pleased.
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La Viuda Joven Capitulo 59
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