La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 61

Ver La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 61 Online novela telenovela la reina del sur cap 61 capitulos telemundo telenovelas capitulos 61. Noting the strong scenes of violent adult relationship as a soap opera, the National Television Commission sent a letter to Caracol TV suggest you change the time of this production.

According to NTV, a request is made after receiving complaints from viewers who said that 'the novel Narco' issued on the strip where the children are witnesses. First broadcast of soap opera, starring Kate Del Castillo, strong scenes of violence including adult relationships. below are news about other telenovela.

Tomando nota de las escenas fuertes de la relación adulto violento como una telenovela, la Comisión Nacional de Televisión envió una carta a Caracol TV sugerimos que cambie el tiempo de esta producción.
Según NTV, la solicitud se realice después de recibir quejas de los televidentes que dijo que «la novela Narco 'emitido en la franja donde los niños son testigos.

Primera emisión de la telenovela, protagonizada por Kate Del Castillo, escenas fuertes de violencia, incluyendo las relaciones adultas.
a continuación son noticias sobre telenovela otros.

After racking the highest ranking in history with IMS Telemundo Most recent telenovela, the Spanish language network is launching a campaign IMS first Emmy for La Reina del Sur ("Queen of the South") and Its star Kate del Castillo.

While Emmy campaigns is routine to show hits in Inglés-language network, it is rare for a Spanish-language show Especially for Pursuing an award for outstanding drama series and outstanding lead actress. Until recently, according to Telemundo, the Spanish-speaking does not come already won an Emmy in every major category.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to announce the campaign, Telemundo president Don Browne said I Believe That Good The Hispanic Population Growth in the U.S. and Decent production quality recognition. We thought we would make history here," said Browne. "We will fight to win, but even if we do not, we till the soil for the next person to do or show. It is important to our industry and our country.

Hispanics now make up more than 16% of U.S. Population and watch TV an average of more Than any other American. Spanish-language network regularly produces more viewers now Than Inglés-language broadcaster, and Singapore Believe There Is Increased cross-over seen by the speaker using the SAP-Inglés Inglés Who soundtrack language to be seen. There's a huge change our business," said Browne. "Hispanics Are Changing the landscape of television as we know it. For more information please can be read in other online media.
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La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 61
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