La Fuerza del Destino Capitulo 55

Ver La Fuerza del Destino Capitulo 55 Online La Fuerza del Destino capitulo 55 Telenovela or novela Cap 55 La Fuerza del Destino Telenovela. David Zepeda became the main character and visual appeal of "The Force of Destiny" is not everything in life the biggest dream is to marry and form their own families.

Físicamente no tengo una mujer ideal, pero me gustaría casarme con alguien que tenga grandes valores, una mujer leal y que le gusten los niños, entre otras cosas, eso es lo primordial para mí en una pareja, y, sobre todo, en una mujer con la que te quieres casar y compartir tu vida", explicó el actor de 36 años en entrevista con "Reforma". Siempre ha sido muy apegado a su familia y se considera un fanático de los niños. Incluso, no le importa "cambiar" de profesión, y convertirse en un productor de televisión para divertirse junto a sus 10 sobrinos, a los que en muchas ocasiones no tiene tiempo de ver, pero los invita a las locaciones de la telenovela para pasar mayor tiempo con ellos.

Although not currently have a boyfriend, he knows the quality that must be the woman who wants her own heart.
Physically I do not have the ideal woman, but I want to marry someone who has great value, loyal woman who likes children, among others, that the whole point for me in pairs, and, above all, the woman with whom you want to get married and share your life, "said 36-year-old actor in an interview with" reform. "

It is always very close to his family and fans are considered children. Even you do not mind "change" by profession, and became a television producer to have fun with 10 of his nephew, who in many cases do not have time to look at, but invite them to the location of soap to spend more time with them.

I enjoy playing sports with them, have fun, "he said. I'm very athletic and they they love. Games, and my niece was created because programs such as driving and all that they improvised and have a lot of time together and I really enjoyed it .. "

"I come from a family that is very close to fact, we were a few times. A year, but when I visited, I always try to spend a lot of time living with my sister and my niece. People indulge and I wanted to share my experience."

Apart from enjoying family life, David is living the most of your first major role in Televisa, now have the opportunity to play Ivan, a man who has much in common. "My character is very sticky and has a strong character, always keep changing and trying to overcome, and I was a persistent and disciplined, fun. I like being in a good mood.
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La Fuerza del Destino Capitulo 55
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